About Us

Founded in 1975 and progressed from a small family based company to develop into one of the largest independent HVAC Commissioning companies in the UK.

Company History

The company has historically been employed by Mechanical & Electrical companies to provide Commissioning services to meet the design engineers’ specification.

As the industry had evolved over the last 40 years, H&V have kept up to date with technology advances, client demands and government legislation to continue to provide a professional service to the building services industry and the end user.

The Future

Since August 2007, a new regime at the company has seen new directors appointed from within, to continue the company founders’ ethic of providing a professional service. Increasingly, and through government-backed initiatives, our client base has spread to end users and operators to provide greater understanding and integration of the operation and efficiencies to be gained in building services through BREEAM and other schemes.


Further Information

For any information regarding the services we can offer you and to receive a quotation via email, please contact our Galston office or email Craig@handv.co.uk