Clean Air Validation

H&V Commissioning Services provide engineering services to users of clean air equipment, sterile facilities, clean rooms and biological safety cabinets.

Clean Air Validation

With the largest amount of industry qualified engineers directly employed, who are all members of the Scottish Society for Contamination Control and have completed the relevant examinations to ensure the standard of our work is consistent and measurable to our clients and industry standards.

We provide fully planned and preventative maintenance for Fume Cupboards and Safety Cabinets using engineers who are qualified in ensuring that the equipment is operating safely and efficiently.

We have engineers within the company who have a vast knowledge of the Cleanroom and Pharmaceutical Industries and also the benefit of in-house HVAC Commissioning Engineers who can provide specialist troubleshooting skills when required, a service few other companies can boast.

We have an unrivalled history and dynamic approach for testing End User Cleanrooms, Pharmaceuticals and newly constructed facilities.

Our Services

  • Laminar Flow Units

    Designed to produce a mini clean environment to protect your product. This can be by means of Horizontal or Vertical Filtered Air, or Clean Air Booths. HEPA Filter Integrity test carried out in accordance with PD6609:2000, air velocities are checked to relevant standard. Airborne particle counts can also be carried out, if required.
  • Fume Cupboards

    Annual or 6 monthly servicing which includes, face velocity measurements, air flow visualisation, check sash mechanisms are in full working order. Fans, motors and belts are checked to ensure they are running efficiently. Alarms, wet and dry services, controls and ducting where applicable are also checked in accordance with relevant standards. KI Discus tests can also be carried out to determine the aperture protection factor. As this test isn’t mandatory to comply with BS7258 or BSN14175, it is normally carried out to relieve operator concerns.
  • Microbiological Safety Cabinets

    The primary function of a safety cabinet is to protect the user from potentially hazardous substances. Routine servicing is essential to ensure the cabinet is performing correctly and providing the necessary protection for the user and environment. Testing is carried out in accordance to BS EN ISO 12469:2000 and includes HEPA filter integrity, airflow, velocity and visualisation, operation of alarms, inspect and change pre-filters. KI Discus testing is also carried out.
  • Cleanrooms

    All our engineers are certified by the Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board and regularly carry out extensive performance tests for cleanrooms. Where necessary our engineers can rebalance your system to achieve the required room pressures and air change rates. All testing is carried out to the necessary standards and guidelines including BS EN ISO 14644, EUuGMP, HTM2025 and FDA.

Further Information

For any information regarding the services we can offer you and to receive a quotation via email, please contact our Galston office or email