Fire Damper

H&V Commissioning fire damper department.

Fire Damper

H&V Commissioning fire damper department.

H&V Commissioning Services have an in-house fire damper testing department. We have teams of experienced fire damper operatives’ working every day with numerous councils, facilities management companies, public & private estates and local authorities. Undertaking fire damper checks (fire damper drop testing) and fire damper remedial works all over Scotland and as far reaching as the south coast of England.


What is a fire or smoke dampers?

Fire or smoke dampers are passive fire protection ductwork fittings installed in a building’s HVAC system designed to slow the spread of fire and smoke. Most commercial buildings will have fire dampers included in their design as an effective way of protecting the people occupying the building and minimising damage to the property in the event of a fire.


How does a fire damper work?

Fire dampers act as a barrier between the designated fire compartments of a building slowing the spread of fire and smoke through the ventilation systems. Usually found between the walls and at where ductwork passes through floor plates. Fire dampers, when activated, will help to block this route. Slowing or stopping the spread of the fire.


Our Fire Damper Services

British Standards (BS9999:2017) states, it is required by law, that all fire dampers within a building must be regularly maintained and tested annually.


H&V Commissioning Services offer these works and various follow up remedial works.

Initial fire damper survey – H&V operatives can survey the building’s ventilation system and fire barriers/compartments to locate the fire dampers within the building. Our survey and testing report will detail each fire damper’s location within the building, its accessibility, the integrity of the fire barrier local to the damper, the fire damper support and the operation of the fire damper.


Remedial works - If a fire damper is found to be in an unsatisfactory condition according to British Standards (BS9999), it may require remedial action in order to correct it. All issues found by our highly experienced operatives are detailed within the fire damper report. Our remedial services include:

- The installation of duct access doors allowing fire damper testing to take place.

- The installation of support products to ensure the fire damper is secure and independently supported.

- Replacement of defect or broken fire damper.

- The removal of obstructions preventing the fire damper from operating effectively.

- The replacement of damaged or unsatisfactory fusible links where required.

- Ductwork and fire damper cleaning.


Further Information

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